How to remove eyelash extensions

How to remove eyelash extensions

In my personal experience of work and advanced courses with colleagues who are experts in the field of eyelash extensions. I have noticed that nowadays there are still gaps in basic training regarding the retouching and removal of eyelash extensions.

For this reason, I thought of investigating these two issues since there is always a greater demand. And I think it is essential that everyone knows how to correctly remove the eyelash extensions without causing damage to the client.

Therefore, what will follow will be my advice and suggestions, based on my years of study in the sector.

In this article, I will therefore focus on the topic of the complete removal of eyelash extensions, while in the next I will deepen in detail everything related to retouching.

Ready to get started? Well, first of all, I would start by indicating which materials we need to be able to remove eyelash extensions:

The RemoverHow to remove eyelash extensions

There are 3 types of Remover:

Cream Remover

It is a product to remove eyelash extensions from natural lashes by dissolving the glue. Its creamy texture makes it extremely safe and non-irritating to the eyes. Its formula is in fact specially designed not to damage natural eyelashes and is particularly suitable for all those who have sensitive eyes. For this reason, I highly recommend it to beginners because thanks to its compact formula the Remover does not drip and remains where it is placed;

Remover Gel

It is used to remove eyelash extensions quickly and easily without damaging the natural lashes. The gel consistency makes it quicker to remove the glue than the cream one. It is suitable for all skin types, does not irritate the eyelid and I recommend its use to experienced Lashmakers.

Remover Liquid

as the name implies has a liquid consistency that allows you to remove extensions almost instantly (obviously it always depends on the amount of glue present). This product is not suitable for those who have extremely delicate eyes and, for me. It should only be used by Lashmakers with experience in the field since being liquid the risk of getting it in the eyes is very high.

The bearings

Another essential material for me is the pads to be applied under the eyes. In fact, the latter is very useful to prevent the skin under the eyes from coming into contact with the consistency of the Remover.

Microfiber toothbrushes

With the help of these fantastic toothbrushes, it will be possible to apply the product in the best possible way, wrapping each eyelash and reaching all sides where the glue is present.

Once you have made sure you have all the useful materials listed above. We can proceed with the explanation of how to perform the removal:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to clean the eyelashes from any make-up, mascara, smog, grease, etc.
  2. The very delicate skin under the eyes must be blocked by means of the pads. Don’t worry if you block your lower lashes too, you can easily do without it.
  3.  Once you have chosen the type of Remover to apply, place it on the jade stone or on the crystal and with the help of a microfiber brush distribute the product on the extension of the eyelashes to be removed. Leave on for 2-5 min (the time varies depending on the glue used at the time of application)
  4. Start the removal by dragging the two microfiber brushes, positioned one below. And the other above the lashes, from root to tip. If some eyelashes show resistance to removing, repeat step 3 and continue until all extensions have been removed.
  5. Remove the Remover residues. Here you can admire the natural eyelashes of your customers!

After following all this procedure, if you want to re-apply a set of extensions. Remember that the lashes must first be cleaned with running water and an oil-free make-up remover, to remove all Remover residues. Otherwise, you risk not being able to create a perfect adherence between natural and artificial lashes… since the remaining Remover would repel the glue.

I hope I have been helpful!

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