Types of piercings ear and their names

Types of piercings ear and their names

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The fashion of piercings does not stop growing, getting a piercing (or several) has gone from being something we did in our youth to become so popular that it is no longer old. The ears have become true works of art that we dress as if they were another part of our daily look.

This new concept of creating a style with earrings is called ear look, an Anglo-Saxon term that has been on everyone’s lips lately. Who has not dreamed of having the ear look of Chiara Ferragni, Mery Turiel or Blanca Suárez? If you also dream of having a trendy ear, we will tell you all the types of ear piercings that exist.

In a previous post on ” How to get a piercing “, we explained that the most important thing before doing any piercing is to put yourself in the hands of a specialist. Go to a specialized center that complies with all the necessary hygiene measures and experience to perform any piercing correctly. The second step is to choose the place where you want to get the piercing. The most popular piercing in fashion this past year is the helix or cartilage ear piercing, one of the most complicated in terms of healing, but once healed it is the most versatile and best suited to any collection.


In the following graph you can see all the earrings that exist for ear, did you know them? We explain the particularities of each one to you one by one:

Lobe piercingTypes of piercings

This type of piercing is the earring of a lifetime, the most classic. The piercing is done in the meatiest part of the ear making it the easiest to heal. This type of piercing is called ” earring ” because it is the most traditional and allows the use of any type of closure or shape.

Piercing in the upper lobeTypes of piercings

This type of piercing is very similar to the previous one, the piercing is done a little above the previous hole, but without leaving the lobe. The key to this piercing is that it follows the ear line creating a tapering effect. You can add as many earrings as your lobe allows.

Tragus piercingTypes of piercings

This type of earring has become very fashionable in the last year, being an ideal alternative to the helix earring. The tragus is a small oval-shaped protrusion that is located just at the entrance of the ear canal formed by cartilage. It is a type of piercing that when touching cartilage is a little more painful but it is still worth it.

Piercing in AntitragusTypes of piercings

This piercing is located on the opposite side of the tragus, right in the small cartilage that is on the upper lobe. It is very original and unpublished, but it is one of the most painful at the time of drilling. All MUMIT piercings can be used for this type of piercing, you just have to bear in mind that you can order a longer spigot and always thread nut in the special order options on our website.

Cartilage or Helix PiercingTypes of piercings

It is a fashionable piercing and our favorite. It is located in the area of ​​the outer fold of the ear, which is why it is so original. You can add as many helix piercings as your ear allows, for example, two in a row is a winning combination. This piercing is the most versatile since it supports both spike earrings and hoop earrings.

Piercing in RookTypes of piercings

This type of piercing is gaining more and more prominence. The piercing is done right in the cartilage fold above the tragus. It is a very original piercing that adds a different touch to any ear look.

Daith PiercingTypes of piercings

Also called migraine piercing. This piercing is also gaining a lot of prominences today since, apart from providing a casual look, it helps reduce migraine pain. This piercing is done in the inner cartilage of the ear, right where the acupuncture needles are placed.

Cronch or Conch PiercingTypes of piercings

For the Cronch piercing, the piercing is done just above the antitragus, in the lower part of the cartilage. It is also very original and can be very elegant depending on the earring you use, for example, with our Eternity Colors Aro piercings you can add a modern and sophisticated air to your ear look.

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