Face tattoos: famous people join fashion

Face tattoos: famous people join fashion

After the fashion of ‘piercings’, gold dentures, and abdominal prostheses, comes a new practice of supposed body aesthetics: tattoos on the face. A trend that, curiously, a part of the collective of tattoo artists has received with skepticism. They argue that many young people ask for a face tattoo just because their idols (especially from the world of rap and hip-hop) wear it without weighing the consequences. Let’s see some of the celebrities who have signed up for the ‘face tattoo’.

Celebrity Face tattoos

Presley GerberFace tattoos

Among the last known famous canvas faces is that of model Cindy Crawford’s son,  Presley Gerber. The young man who, like his sister  Kaya, has inherited his mother’s profession and works as a model, shared a photo a few days ago with the famous tattoo artist, Jon Boyo. He had a reddish cheekbone after stamping the word ‘misunderstood’. That day, thousands of anonymous comments, most of them ironic, filled his Instagram account. Faced with the uproar caused, his own mother had to come to his defense, stating that she liked the artistic work done to her child.

Kendall JennerFace tattoos

The model  Kendall Jenner surprised the public, during an interview on the famous  Ellen DeGeneres show, showing a tattoo on the inside of her lower lip. There is written on it ‘meow’, the equivalent of ‘meow’ in our language. However, the ‘celebrity’ showed some regret about her decision – not that of the tattoo. But that of the term tattooed – and assured that it had not been matured. But rather a madness carried out under the influence of alcohol. “She was drunk. I was not thinking clearly. ‘Meow’ was the first thing that came to mind, “said the little girl from the famous  Kardashian clan.


Like Kendall Jenner, singer  Kesha  has chosen the inside of her lip to tattoo the expression ‘Suck it!’ (‘Suck it!’). Although the place of the tattoo is discreet, her followers know it perfectly because the artist shared a photo of it on her social networks, in which she published in great detail the story, image by image, of the process of realization: from her entry to the Alchemy Tattoo Parlor center in Los Angeles up to the needle pass. Very in line with its provocative 2.0 spirit.

Mike TysonFace tattoos

It was the year 2003 and  Mike Tyson appeared with a huge tribal tattoo engraved on the right side of his face. Today it is an integral part of your image. So much so that the former boxer stated in a recent interview in the magazine ‘Sports Illustrated’ that he would like to be able to register this design with his brand. How did you come up with this idea? They asked, “Many young athletes come up to me. And tell me that now these types of tribal tattoos on the face are called ‘the Mike Tyson,'” he said. He also confessed that he does not regret his decision: “Many good things happened to me thanks to this tattoo.”

Cara DelevingneFace tattoos

Cara Delevingne is another celebrity who has a vast collection of tattoos of all kinds spread across her body. Surprisingly, one of the most discreet is located on his face, more specifically in and around his right ear. It consists of a diamond surrounded by a constellation of stars. Its meaning is unknown but, yes, we must admit that it is much more distinguished than the disturbing eyes that have been engraved on the nape of the neck.

Chris BrownFace tattoos

Chris Brown, addicted to tattoos, wears a boot of the legendary  Air Jordan sneakers tattooed on his cheek. Tattoos like this, without deep meaning, are rejected by certain professionals. In the New York studio  Armando Guevara, those who request a ‘face tattoo’ must first pass a questionnaire about their history and motivations. If the tattoo artist is not convinced, he denies them the service.

Aaron CarterFace tattoos

The huge tattoo that  Aaron Carter got  – known mainly for being the little brother of  Nick Carter, a member of the  Backstreet Boys –  on the middle of his face unleashed all kinds of speculation as to its meaning. Until the artist was in charge of giving an explanation: it represents  Rihanna characterized as Medusa, the Greek mythological figure. She is my protector. If you want to attack me with your negativity, she will look you in the eye and turn you into a stone statue, “he told ‘GQ’ magazine. Rihanna’s opinion on the matter is unknown.

Justin BieberFace tattoos

He has chosen the upper part of the brow to pay his peculiar tribute to nothing more and nothing less than … God. To record his Christian faith, the word ‘grace’ has been engraved in black ink. It was the tattoo artist Jon Boy, also responsible for designs on the skin of  Jaden Smith, Chloé Moretz, and Hailey Baldwin, among other celebrities, who unveiled a close-up of this new minimalist ‘tattoo’ on Bieber’s skin.

Lil WayneFace tattoos

It is surprising how little space there is for so much ink. The rapper has nothing more and nothing less than a dozen different doodles on his face. Something like a map of what has special meaning for him, without any logic or criteria. From stars (each one represents a deceased person from their environment) to a ‘W’ (his favorite letter); a ‘C’ (tribute to his father, whose name is  Carter ); the words ‘God’ and ‘Fear’ (‘Fear’); ‘Lucky Me’, for his favorite song; ‘Young’, for its brand, and a long list of drawings and inscriptions.

Amber RoseFace tattoos

Like other highly regarded figures in the world of hip hop, such as  21 Savage,  Amber Rose already sports her face tattoo. The model and rapper surprised by her choice since the names of her children, Slash and Bash, have been inscribed on the upper part of her forehead  … She assured that the tragic event in which  Kobe Bryant lost his life with his daughter  Gianna is what had inspired him to get a tattoo. “I’ve been thinking about it for a long time and I thought … ‘do it, life is very short,'” he said on television.

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