How to combine your black sofa

How to combine your black sofa

How you can combine your black armchairs or sofas to make it look good in your living room. Not only is it enough to choose the color of the walls, but you must also take into account the curtains, the pillows, and the rest of the decoration.

If you have a black sofa or are thinking of having one, I tell you that it is a good choice. Black sofas are sleek and make the environment just as elegant and sophisticated. Through the use of color in the decoration, and especially on the walls, we will make the sofa integrate into space and not look out of place.

What color to paint the wallsblack sofa

What colors are the most suitable for painting ?, practically all of them, and you have already explained it better in the note The color of the walls with black furniture, but we are going to do a review.

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With white: It is the classic combination. It is the highest contrast that can be between colors, but it does not look bad at all. The environment maintains its lighting and the sofa will stand out from the background.

With gray: Grays are the second most used option. The living room will look serene and elegant. Be very careful in small environments and with little light, the effect can be counterproductive.

With greens: The varied palette of greens caters to all tastes and styles. Although a black sofa with apple green will create a jovial and attractive atmosphere, worthy of a magazine photo. But the most common options are the duller and more pleasant greens such as olive, or dry green.

With earth tones: here the atmosphere becomes warmer and more comfortable. Browns and earth tones provide warmth to the environment in which they are used.

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With dirty or unsaturated colors:  These are colors close to gray, but they can have a tint of any color. The dirty colors are far from pure and intense colors but combine well with the black and white decor.

With beige or sand: This is the wild color with which we all paint at some time. The beige-black combination is not bad but it can be sad and without grace. It is important to know how to accompany yourself with other colors so as not to create an unpleasant result.

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The curtains and the rest of the decoration

The color of the sofa should not be alone, so that it looks integrated into space there must be other elements of the same color. You can add black to picture frames, carpet patterns, a floor lamp, a bookcase, or the pattern on curtains. Any hint of black is good, but small, without overdoing it.

In addition, the curtains do not necessarily have to be in tune with the sofa, although it is one of the options. They could also be white, gray, or one color to stand out in a pure neutral tone environment.

Decorate the black sofa with pillowsblack sofa

It is said that black has a lot of weight in an environment, and on a sofa this is noticeable. It is a large piece of furniture that will not go unnoticed. It may also be that you see your black sofa as very serious, too elegant, or perhaps lifeless.

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To balance the colors and remove some of that visual “weight” from the sofa we will use the cushions. You will also be able to give it a bit of color and make it radiate comfort. Whether they are colorful or simple cushions, many or just a couple, everything here depends on taste.

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