Puff sleeve dress : 5 reasons to wear this trend

Puff sleeve dress : 5 reasons to wear this trend

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It is enough that you have left the house only once this summer so that you have seen that 99.99% of the girls wore puffed sleeves in dresses or tops. This trend took over the catwalks and the windows of our favorite stores and it seems that it came to stay.

Although this style is seen with a lot of personalities. It is very easy to use and is a pure nod to the shoulder pads of the 80s. Instead of the classic padded shoulder pad, it features some gathering at the shoulder seam to create extra volume.

The unmistakable puff sleeve dress is characterized by being voluminous. Very showy and an icon of romantic style in fashion. Its origins date back to the 19th century in the midst of Romanticism, where excesses were the norm. With the passage of time, they were left in oblivion until the 80s recovered them in different versions: ham sleeves, lantern, balloon, balloon sleeves, or leg of lamb.

At present, this trend rescues the patterns typical of the Victorian era, which establish that the gathers start at the shoulder to give volume to the arms. In fact, the verb “puff” means to adorn a fabric with wide, spherical folds, known as bullies.

This type of sleeve becomes the focus of attention of any style. Since they have their own character and are capable of adapting to any type of look, be it at night or a daily look. The garments that include these showy sleeves become unique garments, which speak for themselves without the need to add too many accessories or complements.

Since the spring-summer season of 2019, and until today. Puff sleeve dress is invading the street style, in addition to red carpets and catwalks. Their success is not accidental and they have already become a must-have in any wardrobe.

If you are still not convinced, in this post we give you 5 reasons to wear this trend:Puff sleeve dress

1. They enhance any look

The garments that have this type of sleeves speak for themselves. Even the simplest look made up of jeans and a white shirt changes radically if we add puffed sleeves. Without a doubt, a fun and original way to reinvent boring day-to-day looks.

2. They highlight the figure

Despite what you might think, the presence of so much volume in the upper part enhances the hourglass silhouette by providing a visual effect of a narrower waist. It is a style that adapts to any body shape and offers a feeling of comfort and glamor.

3. Very versatile

These sleeves were originally intended for high society ball gowns. However, fashion firms have created garments that adapt to any type of outfit, from the most sporty to one at night, going through a formal office look.

4. Great variety of options

Puff sleeve dresses have conquered long and short dresses, shirts, blouses, body, tight and oversized garments. In addition, they adopt multiple shapes, necklines, prints, fabrics, and designs. Endless options that will allow you to choose the style that best suits your personality.

5. Trend all year round

The return of this classic has caused such a sensation that it has made a niche for itself in all seasons. The puffed sleeves can be worn in spring and/or summer dresses, but also in sweaters, T-shirts, coats, and jackets during the fall and winter.

Puff sleeve blouses

The biggest concern when it comes to dressing is the daily looks. For a party outfit or for a special event, you only have to buy a single outfit that, sometimes, can be used again. However, for the day, the choice of the perfect clothes is complicated.

Everyone knows that blouses and shirts are the basic wardrobes that every woman should have because it is true that they dress a lot and favor the silhouette. However, seeing the same patterns, the same colors and the same fabrics every day can be boring. Therefore, puff-sleeved blouses are perfect to break the monotony.

Including this reinvented garment in your wardrobe will continue to give you the comfort of your old blouses but, in addition, it will give you versatility and a more casual style as well as sophisticated. Puff sleeve blouses can be found in different colors and patterns, as well as in different textures and fabrics, more or less transparent.

In fact, one of the trends of the season is to wear a blouse with transparent puffed sleeves made of organza, combined with slouchy jeans-style pants along with high-heeled bracelet sandals or even with platform sneakers.

Other optionsPuff sleeve dress

This style of sleeves in the garments adapts to all types of garments: oversize, tight; brightly colored, striped, monochromatic, with regional prints, animal print; in satin or denim. Therefore, it is important that they are only combined with basic pieces so as not to overload the outfit. We leave you some options:

  • Combine a top with high-waisted pants. It provides a feeling of longer legs, comfort, and modern and current style.
  • Include in the wardrobe a fitted white dress with puffed sleeves and a wedge sandal. A very Ibizan style perfect for the summer.
  • Top of this style combined with a long skirt. It achieves a very casual style that denotes sweetness and romanticism. The key is to use stamping on one of the two parts to look radiant.
  • The must-have of this season is undoubtedly the gathered and fitted mini dress with a floral print in a square or sweetheart neckline, combined with cowboy-style boots.

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