Wrap skirt trend: discover the most beautiful models and the looks to match them best

Wrap skirt trend: discover the most beautiful models and the looks to match them best

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The wrap skirt, mini or long, is another trend of the season. Discover the most beautiful and the most interesting looks.

A decisive trend that began with the summer that still lasts now is the wrap skirt. That particular model of skirt wraps around itself and then closes on one side. Creating a wallet effect, of overlapping and visible layers, is much loved by women, and it’s easy to imagine why.

That single piece of fabric that rolls up along the hips creates a natural opening between the two fabric flaps, which can be closed on a sexy slit or on an elegant layering of layers. Giving at the same time a chic and sensual air. Obviously, the wallet skirt exists in all versions, mini, midi, and maxi, or long.

Often then the wrap skirt is not exactly the one composed of a strip of fabric that wraps around the body closing on the side. Or along the thigh, that is the wrap skirt but is only simulated through the seams, but different from the slit. The slit is an opening on a single piece of fabric, while in this case there is still that overlapping effect that gives more volume and dynamism.

The most popular trend: the asymmetrical wrap skirt

The most loved and most recent version of this garment is certainly the asymmetrical wrap skirt, deliberately left hanging on one side without creating a perfect overlap. Multiplication of the hems of the skirt that was very popular with fashionistas from all over the world, who immediately adopted it.

How to combine a wrap skirt

What is the best way to combine a wrap skirt, long or short, asymmetrical or regular? The best ideas, as always, are found on the street. And you can discover them in the street style you see below. The first suggestion, of course, is to tuck the top inside the skirt, and not take it out, in this way the wallet effect will be full, and the point at the waist where the two edges of the skirt meet will be visible, creating interesting effects. . If the wrap skirt is short, to show it more it is best to combine it with a short jacket, such as a bomber. Or a leather jacket. If your skirt is long, you can indulge yourself in the outerwear you want. Preferably open at the front so as not to diminish the effect even when you are outdoors.

The most beautiful wrap skirtswrap skirt

Now that you know more about how to combine them, here are the most interesting wrap skirts around. To continue the trend also in winter, many brands then propose models in suede, leather, or a heavy and enveloping fabric such as cloth, which also gives a geometric and architectural look to the skirt. A perhaps more conceptual and less sexy version of the wrap skirt, but certainly very interesting.

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