4 ideas to decorate your house in the “Barbiecore” style: it’s time to go pink

4 ideas to decorate your house in the “Barbiecore” style: it’s time to go pink

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Are you a lover of this iconic doll and want to reflect it in your home in the “Barbiecore” style? In this article, you will get the best ideas to achieve your goal. Spaces like your bedroom and kitchen can be key.

The “Barbiecore” decoration style has been gaining ground in recent years, following the announcement of a new movie about the iconic Barbie doll. This style, which plays between bright and extravagant, is characterized by the abundance of pink tones and a feminine and glamorous aesthetic.

If you want to transform your home into a vibrant place full of personality, we present four ideas to decorate your house in the “Barbiecore” style. It’s time to go for pink and give a unique touch to your home!

The best ideas to have a “Barbiecore” house

1. Create a pink corner in your living room

After seeing the trailer of the film, the contrast that ranges from pastel tones to intense fuchsia is distinguished, so a pink corner in your living room can be a charming focal point.

You can achieve this by painting a wall in a soft pink tone or using wallpaper with a floral print that goes in the same vein. Pair this with white or neutral-toned furniture to create a stylish contrast.

In addition, it is ideal to add decorative details such as vases, photo frames and lamps in pink tones . This corner will become a cozy and glamorous place to relax or receive your guests.

2. Transform your bedroom into a pink haven

The room is the perfect place to express your personal style. To achieve a ” Barbiecore ” vibe in your bedroom , start by choosing a pastel color palette.

You can opt for more intense tones, like fuchsia, or softer and more romantic ones like pale pink. Use bedding in those shades and add contrasting pillows and decorative cushions. It is important that some of these objects are plush, to be in line with Barbie’s style.

Complete the decoration with pink curtains and white or pastel furniture. Don’t forget to include some accessories with the character’s own motifs , such as a lamp or a mirror with a gold frame. Your bedroom will become a true « Barbiecore » style haven!

3. Bring your kitchen to life Barbie style

The kitchen is a space that is often overlooked in terms of decoration, but it shouldn’t be that way! You can incorporate the « Barbiecore » style, taking advantage of the contrasts. Keep in mind that this trend not only includes pink tones , but includes blue, white, gray, beige, and brown, which can make this space look glamorous.

Opt for pink appliances or use accessories such as toasters, blenders, or mixers in this color. Additionally, you can add utensils and tableware in fuchsia tones to give it a more intense, feminine and fun touch. Your kitchen will become a happy space full of “Barbiecore” style!

4. Create a pink workspace

If you’re lucky enough to have a workspace at home, why not turn it into an inspiring ” Barbiecore ” -style place? As mentioned throughout this article, there are several shades that you can use to contrast pink.

A good option would be to start by painting the most visible wall the main tone and contrast it with a light blue or white wall, being faithful to Barbie’s style. Additionally, by using wallpaper with patterns of your taste, you can personalize the space.

Keep in mind that, in her new release, Barbie has a style that coexists between avant-garde and vintage , so it will be important to opt for golden or classic details. You can reflect this on the desk and chair.

Arrange your work items in boxes and desk accessories in pink and shiny tones, such as clipboards, file organizers and pencil cases. Add a pink table lamp and place decorative details such as photo frames or plants in white pots. This workspace will provide you with inspiration and positive energy while you work.

Other aspects to take into account

It is key to understand the essence of the ” Barbiecore ” style to fully integrate it into your home, naturally. It will be very helpful for you to observe references from the fashion greats who have given strength to this trend and even listen to the music that will give life to this film. For example, the official song is Dance the night , performed by Dua Lipa, who from the sound and aesthetics reveals a disco vibe , which reached its peak between the 70s and 80s.

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