Laundry Room Decor: What Decoration to Choose for Your Laundry?

Laundry Room Decor: What Decoration to Choose for Your Laundry?

Do you want to create a laundry area in your “home sweet home”? Once the different furnishing solutions have been proposed and reconsidered so that it is practical as well as functional, it is time to think about decoration! Thanks to the recommendations of Schmidt specialists, you will realize that it does not take much to give your room all the style it deserves!

Every laundry or cleaning room has its own style!

So that your laundry room is not reduced to a place for carrying out daily tasks, you have to give it style!  Decorating your modern-style laundry room to perfection is still the best way to turn it into a pleasant space on a day-to-day basis. As well as to make it integrate more easily with the rest of your home decor. And it is an indisputable fact that the laundry or cleaning room today constitutes a room in the house as important as the others! Running out of ideas? Well, here’s an overview of current trends:

The “industrial” laundry: brick, raw wood, metal… the “industrial” style will give your laundry room character! A style halfway between the workshop environment and the simplicity of the lines of the contemporary style that is perfect for spaces for maintenance and cleaning of the house;

The “Scandinavian” laundry room: Scandinavian decoration is a timeless style that has even taken hold in the laundry room! A functional style with simple lines that comes directly from the Nordic countries that combine perfectly with sober interiors. It opts for white furniture and wooden countertops, among other elements. There is also the “scandicraft” variant, which combines the Scandinavian style with the handicraft style (“craft” in English);

The “retro chic” laundry: a very fashionable style that you can bet on to achieve a successful “back to the past” effect. What is the secret? Opt for “retro” style details, such as furniture handles or old-fashioned taps, which give your room a “from another era” style that is highly appreciated today;

The farmhouse-style laundry room: would you like a country-chic décor? Then opt for a farmhouse-style laundry! A current of decoration extremely in vogue today that is committed to the combination of furniture full of authenticity, soft tones, and natural materials.

Play with colors

As an extension of the bathroom or the kitchen that it really is,  the laundry or cleaning room is usually a room that is entered several times a day. So that each visit to said room is pleasant for you, we recommend that you opt for a painting according to your tastes and the style that you wish to contribute to the space. Although light and sober tones such as white, beige, cream, or even light gray are some of the colors that never go out of style, the most intense shades have been making their way into laundries across the country. Khaki green, anthracite, midnight blue…

You won’t be short of options to make sure you create an intimate atmosphere. To guarantee an elegant style, you can consider applying a “black & white” aesthetic, opting, for example, for tiling with white subway tiles and black paint for the wall… The main thing is that there is a balance between the colors chosen. If you prefer intense tones for the walls, we recommend softening the rest of the room by opting for light wood furniture or accessories in more discreet tones.

One more idea: wallpaper is an alternative to paint that has been truly in vogue for several years and is today available in a wide range of models in different styles, patterns, and colors. If you opt for this option, it is preferable that you use moisture-resistant wallpaper.

Try to bring light to the environment

The fact that it is a “functional” room does not mean that your laundry room does not deserve adequate lighting! The days when cleaning rooms and laundries were lit with a simple fluorescent light. Giving the space an unpleasant “hospital” appearance, is long gone. Now your laundry must have adequate lighting for its function. The first thing is to bet on central lighting distributed by a ceiling that constitutes the main source of light. To complete the environment, also add some auxiliary lamps, for example, spotlights or wall lights. The objective of all this is to reduce the shadow areas. In addition, the laundry room is a wet room. Since it houses a washing machine, a dryer, a drying rack, or even a sink.

A piece of advice: increase the natural light in your room by installing a window!

Bet on decorative storage solutions

For the style of your laundry to be perfect, you will have to have the space perfectly organized. Cleaning products, ironing board, washing machine, drying rack… There are many accessories that, despite their usefulness for cleaning clothes, are not very aesthetic. The same happens with cleaning rooms… So, for your stay to be pleasing to the eye. You have to hide as much as possible those elements that attract attention due to their lack of aesthetics. To do this, you have several options.

For example, you can install wall shelves that, in addition to taking advantage of the height of the walls, allow you to have multiple storage spaces. Likewise, so that the different products are not in sight, you can place wicker baskets or wooden drawers… You can also replace plastic jars with glass jars, which will be more ecological! And nothing prevents you from putting a couple of green plants that add a touch of nature to the room…

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