Choose a green velvet sofa and give your living room some glamor

Choose a green velvet sofa and give your living room some glamor

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In the interior design of an environment, there are certain pieces that assume a large percentage of the decorative weight. In the case of the living room, this star piece is usually the sofa. And it is that, if you decide to change yours for a new one, it will seem that the whole room is renewed. Today we suggest you breathe new life into your living room with a brand new green velvet sofa. The result will leave you with your mouth open.

Changing the style of a space does not always have to entail a total renovation of the furniture and decorative pieces it contains. You may be deeply bored with your living room, but it may not be the time to spend a great deal of time, effort, and money redecorating it. However, there are actions that, with much less investment, cause a surprising impact. How to change your old sofa for a green velvet sofa.

This small gesture implies a great deal of elegance, of decorative mastery. And there is no piece that can reflect more glamor than a green velvet sofa. Keep reading and you will find a long repertoire of visual examples of what I am telling you.

The magic of a green velvet sofagreen velvet sofa

It is true that acquiring a new sofa for the living room is not something really cheap, especially if you want a beautiful and quality model. However, if you compare it to a total makeover of the room, it is much less expensive. You may not achieve exactly the same result, but your living room will look like a different one. It will look much more elegant, newer, and better decorated.

Changing the sofa is not a minor matter. Different aspects must be considered since the alternatives offered by the market are many. Today we are talking about the magic that seems to make a green velvet sofa in almost any room that is put in front of it.

As you will see in the photos, the decorative style of the space is indifferent. A green velvet sofa will look great in a classic living room. But also in a contemporary, Nordic, industrial, or neo-rustic style. It’s the same. In all of them it will shine with its own light.

A wide variety of shades to choose from

You already know that Greenery green has been the color of the year 2017 according to the Pantone Institute. With good reason, the experts chose this refreshing and intense green to define the chromatic spirit of the year. The fact that 2017 is drawing to a close is no reason to banish green from your home. Quite the contrary, if you have discovered that you love it, you will not be wrong if you continue to bet on green for the next few months.

Therefore, if you are wanting to put a natural, elegant, and different touch in your home, go ahead and buy a green velvet sofa and let it be the star of the space in your living room.

One of the advantages of doing this is that there are a lot of green hues that are beautiful for a velvet sofa. You can go for an intense green like pistachio or lime. Or go for more sober tones, like grass green or emerald, or darker like bottle green. You will succeed with any of them.

Choose the tone according to the rest of the colors you have in the room. Although green is usually easy to combine with other colors, it is advisable to consider the mixtures to achieve the best result.

Velvet, the king of upholstery

It is the fabric of the season, the most desired, and it is not strange because its many advantages make velvet a formidable fabric for living room upholstery.

The first thing I will say in its favor is that it is really decorative if we talk about upholstering sofas, armchairs, or armchairs. Its special shine makes it look elegant and bursting with magic and glamor.

But it is also warm and very cozy, so it is perfect for the autumn-winter season. Its touch is very nice and soft.

In addition, it is not difficult to maintain in good condition, since current velvet fabrics usually include an anti-stain treatment that repels dirt and allows them to be perfect for much longer.

Discover your favorite model

With straight and simple lines, with curved shapes , with a marked and special design like the chests, or with a retro touch to the mid-century modern style. Whatever the model of your dreams, you will surely find a green velvet sofa to your liking.

Of course, it is very important that you do not let yourself be blinded by the beauty of a sofa without having checked that it is comfortable for you. If aesthetics is a factor to take into account when choosing a sofa for the living room, comfort can become even more so. What is the use of having a beautiful green velvet sofa if you are not comfortable on it?

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