5 valuable tips to combine your plaid jacket

5 valuable tips to combine your plaid jacket

Summer is almost at an end and new trends and fashions come out everywhere, and it is that, how could it be otherwise, the change of season also implies a change of wardrobe.  This time it’s time to get rid of clothes and other summer accessories to make way for other pieces from between time and winter, and this is how we come to checkered jackets.

We still do not know for sure if it will be another must-have of the season, probably yes, but what we can tell you with total security is that checkered jackets can get you out of more than one when you are looking for an ideal look. Here are some valuable tips for combining plaid jackets with a lot of styles and a lot of class.

Ideas to combine your checkered jackets with style in this winter

1. Choose your perfect check jacket

One or several, that depends on you, what we want to tell you is that in these checkered jackets, as with almost everything when it comes to fashion, there is no specific one that works the same for all of them, so you will have to look at options until I find yours. Perhaps a blazer with minimal checks, or a blazer with gingham checks, or a classic tweed, or maybe you prefer a more modern one with large, showy, and colorful checks …

2. Plaid jacket with jeans, the winning combination

Having said the above, it must be said that checkered jackets, whatever you have chosen, will always combine with jeans, whatever you are going to wear. Keep it in mind when looking for a wild look. ‘

3. An extra-long one, for those looking for something different

If you are one of those who likes to follow fashion but at the same time make a difference, then get a plaid jacket a little longer than normal and wear it with somewhat shorter garments, you will love the contrast.

4. Checkered jacket with as many prints

Checked outerwear marries with plain ones and also with those with other patterns such as lines and geometric shapes, yes, in small quantities, you will not want to look like a painting … Add the bag in a plain tone to gain uniformity.

5. Details change everything

A maxim in a fashion that you must carry as a flag just like we do. How to apply this rule to leather jackets? Very simple, wear yours with some white ankle boots; with a total black look, including the jacket and a pink mini bag; opt for a model with the odd adornment such as maxi buttons or wide lapels; add the right jewels to your look … Surely you have already got the idea that we want to show you.

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