What is sustainable fashion and its benefits?

What is sustainable fashion and its benefits?

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We must accept a hard truth: we are in an increasingly polluted world. All this is due to the improper use we have made of resources and our way of seeing needs. That is why, when we are at the gates of what could be irreversible damage to the planet. Many people are choosing to take personal measures that will slow down the environmental damage that occurs in the short, medium, and long term. One of these measures is to opt for sustainable fashion since the textile industry is the second most polluting on the planet.

For this reason, many people choose to choose second-hand clothing or make sure that it is made with the established conditions of fair pay and sustainable materials. To learn more about the subject, we want to explain what sustainable fashion is and its benefits.

What is sustainable fashion?

In the strict sense of the word, sustainable fashion is that fashion that is developed with techniques, technology, and human resources that are within the parameters of social and environmental justice. This means that both the working conditions of the workers are. As well as the raw materials and materials used, have been designed in accordance with a sustainable, ecological, and fair conscience.

Within the world of fashion, it is an aspect of the business philosophy that is being increasingly demanded, not only by designers but especially by customers. Finally, many people prefer to buy clothes that are very cheap without knowing that inside each garment there are tons of garbage, inappropriate exploitation of resources, and miserable salaries for their workers.

With sustainable fashion, a fair price is promoted, and economic objectives are well spent. And products are made with quality materials extracted responsibly and, if possible, recycled.

Benefits of sustainable fashion

The importance of people starting to use sustainable fashion garments is increasingly valued since it brings with it a series of benefits that not only have an impact on the environment but also on society and on our wardrobe since it gives us a series of exclusive garments that can last for years.

To delve a little deeper into the subject. Here we leave you a series of benefits and advantages that sustainable fashion has:

  • The environmental impact is reduced: by consuming products that are made with recycled materials and without the use of large machinery. The environmental impact is considerably reduced, slowing down climate change.
  • The practice of recycling is promoted: it is no longer news that recycling can make a difference. That is why within the world of fashion, the sustainable aspect is committed to recycled clothing and materials to create all kinds of new clothing of optimum quality, without having to produce new materials.
  • Fair and paid work is ensured: sometimes, when a garment costs little money. It means that behind it there is a person working in subhuman conditions. With fair trade and sustainable fashion, this does not happen. Since the price of the garment is adequate to be able to pay each participant of the product the fair proportional part.
  • Local business is encouraged: with sustainable fashion, you are contributing to the decentralization of the fashion industry from the big brands and their factories and opting for a more local and national business.
  • Exclusive collections and garments are generated: as it is a more decentralized fashion, each business chooses to design different garments, which not only generates top-quality garments that can last for years in your closet. But you will also be one of the few people who take them since few units are usually made and they are not renewed when the stock runs out. But others are made. This will make your wardrobe unique, sustainable, and fair.

How to know if it is sustainable fashion or not

The truth is that more and more companies are joining the sustainable fashion boom but, unfortunately. There are also people who want to fraudulently ride the wave. That is why if you want to start consuming sustainable fashion. You must know certain ways to differentiate the garments that are truly sustainable from those that are not. To do this, these are some tricks:

  • Check the percentage recycled on its label. As well as its origin and how it has been recycled. This will give you clues as to whether it really is a recycled garment or not.
  • Make sure that it is a biodegradable garment, that is, after using it. It can be completely eliminated without leaving traces of plastic or other harmful materials.
  • Look at its packaging; If they say that it is sustainable but they give you the garment in a plastic bag, something is not consistent.
  • Access the brand’s website and check that it complies with sustainable fashion seals; These can be: PETA, Textile Exchange, Made in Green, or Blue Sing among others.

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