Halloween is coming and we want you to wear not only the best costume but also the most realistic makeup. Therefore, in today’s post, we tell you how to create skull makeup in a few steps and without having to be an expert makeup artist. Are you ready?


To create skull makeup, you will need very few elements. All you need to do is gather white, black makeup paint, black eyeshadow, and black eyeliner.

Step 1: Mark the shape of the eyes

The first thing you are going to do is take a black or white eyeliner and you are going to make two large circles around the eyes. In this way, you will delimit the areas to be painted.

Step 2: Paint your face white

Now, you are going to take the white paint and you are going to apply it all over the face, except inside the circle that you just marked in the eyes. Include the lips, jaw, and if necessary, the neck.

In this step, we recommend using artistic makeup, since these pigments adhere well to the skin, leaving a uniform finish without fingerprints.

Step 3: Fill in the eyes

Now, take the black paint and carefully fill in the circle that you marked inside. This means that you are going to fill in the dark circles, the eyelids and the eyebrows, to create the sockets of the skull.

After this, take the eyeliner  and create small fissures or “branches” that come out from the black circle towards the white area, so that it appears that the bones are fissured.

Step 4: Paint your nose

Now that you have your eyes ready, you are going to paint the nose. For that, take black eyeliner again and paint two vertical triangles that start on each nostril and point to the forehead. Fill them inside and that’s it.

Step 5: Create the teethskull makeup

To create the teeth, take the Pencil eyeliner and draw a line from the center of the mouth to the cheek (make a curved line down, like a sad face). Repeat on the opposite side of the face.

Then, take the black eyeliner again and draw vertical lines that go from the upper lip to the lower lip and all over the line you just made.

With the help of a small glass, blur the tips of the lines to make it look a little more real.

Step 6: add shadows

You already have your makeup almost ready, now it only remains to give it dimension. For that, you take the black shadows and with the help of the applicator, mark the cheekbone from the temple to the jaw.

Also, create some fissures around the face just like you did around the eyes.

Accessorize your costume with waves in your hair, and you can even add a flower crown to make your costume look more eye-catching.

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