Nude shoes: the favorite footwear of stylists and celebrities

Nude shoes: the favorite footwear of stylists and celebrities

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They are one of the favorite bets of celebrities and royals like Letizia or Kate Middleton and also a constant on the catwalks and in street style. The success of footwear in nude tones lies in its wide compatibility with all kinds of colors. In addition to the optical effect that these shoes create by lengthening and refining the silhouette.

There are many fashionistas who claim to start dressing by the feet. However, for the vast majority, shoes are the last step to follow and, when the whole look is created. It is time to choose the right ones. The most popular are those in black, brown, or white, although there are other options such as silver or gold tones that also have high compatibility with colors and patterns. However, there is an option that covers the entire spectrum, being able to marry any tone, pattern, or texture that we imagine. We refer to shoes in nude or beige color.

It is no coincidence that footwear in this color is one of the favorite options of royals such as Queen Letizia, Kate Middleton, Meghan Markle, or one of the most repeated bets by celebrities such as Victoria Beckham or Kim Kardashian. All of them have incorporated stilettos in this color on more than one occasion, either in its matt or patent leather option, both for formal events and for more informal occasions.

The reason for the success of this shoe shade throughout the seasons lies in the optical effect they create. By resembling the skin color of the legs, they optically lengthen the legs, further stylizing the entire silhouette. When they also have a heel, the effect is much greater.

On the catwalks

Nude footwear is also a constant on the catwalks . It is common to find designs completed with shoes in these versatile tones, especially for the Spring / Summer seasons. This season they have also gained special strength, positioning themselves as one of the tones to take into account to complete a minimalist style.

In the street style

As if that weren’t enough, this season nude footwear has also burst into the looks of style prescribers in the most followed street style in the world. All of them have demonstrated, with garments of different styles and colors, the adaptability of this footwear.

How to wear nude shoes

These types of shoes are perfect to combine with very colorful looks since it is neutral and elegant footwear that softens but at the same time dresses all styles. There are many different shades, going from beige to pink and that is why the best option will always be to choose a tone similar to the skin color. This trick is based on the fact that similar shades will make the footwear combine better and stylize much more. Women who have fair skin should opt for pink shoes while those with tanned skin will be interesting to do so for beige tones.

Other tricks to keep in mind are not to choose booty-type shoes in this color. Because they accentuate the curves of the legs a lot, making the cufflinks and hips appear much larger. Nor should you choose low and wide heels if you want to stylize the figure and if you are looking for dancers, it is best if they end in a point. The strap sandals should also be discarded, and even more so if you are going to choose ones up to the height of the ankle since they will neither stylize nor favor anyone. As for the occasions for which nude shoes are suitable, the answer is all. This type of footwear can be used both with party outfits and with simple looks because it is very natural and elegant footwear.

Ideas to wear shoes in nude tones

Nude shoes are perfect for everyday casual outfits, to which they will add a natural, elegant, refined, and very beautiful touch. These high-heeled shoes in a nice classic shade and with shiny finishes are ideal to complete a casual look with jeans and a nice modern blouse and bags. The perfect touch to turn a simple style into a magical outfit that shines on its own.

Wear footwear in nude tonesnude shoes

Undoubtedly, “total black” is a very recurrent option for a large number of women, but currently nude has become the new black with which to create perfect outfits. Thus, the “totally nude” is more than allowed and will be perfect for any occasion. Shirt or blouse, pants, skirt or dress, and shoes, combined with a beautiful bag also in nude tones and the perfect style will be achieved to be fashionable and not leave anyone indifferent with this tonality and the elegance it inspires.

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