Ideas for Rustic Wedding

Ideas for Rustic Wedding

Do you want to get married in a natural environment? So the best thing you can do is theme your wedding with rustic touches that will be able to fully integrate into the environment. And enhance that romantic halo that nature brings so much. To get the result to be impressive, it is best to opt for a decoration where natural elements and materials such as straw or wood abound. Thus, you will make your celebration spectacular and shine with its own light. In this article, we are going to give you some ideas for decorating a rustic wedding that you can easily incorporate into your big day and make sure that your wedding is surrounded by a perfect and romantic setting.

Importance of recycled decoration

To enhance the rustic essence of your wedding, it is highly recommended that you bet on a recycled decoration, that is, that you take advantage of everyday objects to give them a decorative use that will increase that more natural and country appearance.

For example, reusing wine or beer bottles and using them as beautiful vases is a brilliant idea to give your wedding a totally different and romantic color. But this is not the only idea that you can follow. Here are other decorations that you can easily make with your own hands:

Very original tables with pallets

In addition to being a very easy object to make, it is a perfect idea for your rustic wedding since the wood of the pallet will combine with the rural setting of your celebration. You can take one or two pallets, sand them and give them a coat of varnish and place them in some corner of your wedding as a pure decoration: place a bouquet of flowers on this table, you can put some funny photos of the bride and groom, leave details for the guests, and so on. In this article, we give you some tips so that you know how to make furniture with pallets.

A stepladder as a bookcase

Another very vintage and romantic touch is to take a stepladder that you have and place it leaning against a corner of your wedding space. You can take advantage of the steps to put candles that will give a unique atmosphere, photos, or dried flowers, for example.

Nature must be present

In a rustic wedding, you cannot miss the elements of natural inspiration. Because, in this way, you will be able to fully harmonize with the environment. In this sense, taking advantage of any corner to include a flower, a bouquet of dried flowers, a branch of a tree or a trunk is ideal for your wedding to exude a 100% rustic essence.

There are many ideas that you can carry out: from placing centerpieces with bouquets of dried flowers to giving a more vintage touch to your event and opting for dried bouquets, leaves, etc. The goal is for you to be thoughtful and don’t forget to decorate any space: the bathroom, a staircase, place tables with natural touches spread throughout the room, etc.

Incorporates typical elements of the field

Another of the best ideas for decorating a rustic wedding is that you include typical objects from the country world in your event. In other words, we will not only decorate with flowers or leaves. But we will increase the essence of the countryside by including elements such as blocks of straw, wooden signs that indicate where we have to go, wheelbarrows that you can decorate with flowers or photos, etc.

The idea is that you contribute to your ceremony elements that are part of rustic life in order to achieve a much more true essence and be in keeping with the environment.

A 100% rustic altar

The current trend within the wedding sector is to create altars with floral or decorative elements that give it a different and precious touch for the moment of “I do”. There are a wide variety of options to create these spaces: from floral arches to doors, windows, or curtains that frame this very special moment.

To decorate a rustic wedding , it is best that you choose to introduce natural materials such as wood or that you opt for colors and tones that fit the essence of the forest. We suggest that you decorate your altar with a brown curtain. And decorate it with a bouquet of flowers that is responsible for collecting the bottom or, another option, is to place aged doors with flower crowns that will give a very retro touch to the same as romantic.

Wood is the main material of objects

Wood should be the star material of your ceremony. It is recommended that you use wooden chairs. And wooden tables and, in the room, create decorative spaces with wooden boxes, pallets, etc. Placing objects of this type in different spaces will enhance that natural and country essence that we are looking for so much.

But if you want to go a step further, you can also dare include wooden objects on the table and, also, the plates can be made of wood! Designing centerpieces with tree trunks or placing different branches on the tables where the guests are will also enhance the rustic essence and make everyone feel integrated into the forest.


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