White hair dye: glacial charm and super trendy

White hair dye: glacial charm and super trendy

The trend color of the moment is undoubtedly white! Despite its decidedly icy appearance, dyeing hair white has become a real must. Read on and discover all the useful styling tips to create original hairstyles with dyed white hair.
If you want something new and rebellious if you want to find an original way to distinguish yourself. And, above all, if you want to renew your look by doing a little madness. The white hair dye could be for you. Today the best choice for those who want to get out of the crowd and stand out from the crowd is definitely to dye their hair white.

The white color between game and challenge

White is a simple color only in appearance: less warm than red and less sweet than pastel colors. White is associated with the total absence of color, as well as with the frost of snow and ice. However, the white color has a decidedly interesting hidden power: by highlighting the elements to which it is combined. White gives greater expressiveness, enhancing lines and colors. This way, your facial features will be emphasized like never before.

In nature, white hair is the natural result of the aging process and is therefore rarely associated with very young people. Nevertheless, the trend increasingly leads young people to play on the contrast between a youthful appearance and the main symbols of mature age. Choosing to dye their hair white and to wear bold and trendy hairstyles.

White hair dye: what are the best cuts?White hair dye

If you are intent on dyeing your hair white, you should also think about which cut to match your new hair color. Generally, hairstyles with strong lines, such as well-defined bob hair, are the ones that best go well with a strong and decisive color. Alternatively, if you don’t want to give up the length, you can style your hair in long ponytails with straight bangs, thus accentuating the simplicity and clarity of white.

If you are not afraid to dare, the scaled cuts with bangs, naturally disheveled and of irregular length, make the natural coldness of white hair more interesting and lively. Even braids or very articulate hairstyles will do just fine to make your white-dyed hair stand out. Remember: with this particular hair dye, every flaw immediately catches the eye! For this reason, to best fix your hairstyle, we recommend using a strong hold hairspray, such as got2b Extraordinary Hold hairspray.

White hair dye: outfits and makeup

In principle, you can choose to combine all types of outfits and accessories you want with your white-dyed hair. Feeling free to express your personality to the fullest. However, if you are short of ideas, we offer you the glacial and romantic look at the same time: try to combine the pure white of your hair with clothing in pastel colors such as pink, apricot, blue, green mint, or lilac. But be sure to add brightly colored elements, such as eye-catching make-up and accessories. To avoid the washed-out effect of grays and pastel colors offered in muted shades. Bandanas, scarves, or colorful jewels create fantastic points of light. This contrast will turn on the whiteness of the hair.

Wearing black clothes and accessories, on the other hand, creates a strong, gothic-style contrast. The strong play of color with black can be striking, particularly adding a little color here and there. You can choose between a black blazer, smokey eyes make-up, or extravagant jewelry.

White hair dye and hair care

Before dyeing your hair white, or in any case, lightening it, consider that you are about to subject your hair to a stressful treatment. It is, therefore, a good idea to treat them, both before and especially after, with nourishing and specific products for dyed hair. We strongly advise you not to combine this with other aggressive treatments – such as a perm – or with styling at too high temperatures, which contributes to further drying the hair. Before taking such a step, however, it is always good to ask your trusted hairdresser: he will be able to advise you if this operation is suitable for your hair!

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