Style guide to combining red pants

Style guide to combining red pants

The colors of summer also carry over into the new season. And red is one of them, a perfect shade to give a touch of color to dark winter looks. The red pants, adapted to all kinds of styles and shapes, have become one of the leading garments of the street style of most fashionistas. Total look or combined with other shades, red pants are undoubtedly the garment you need to complete your seasonal wardrobe.

Red pants + shirt in light tones

One of the allied garments of the red pants is a shirt or blouse inside or outside, depending on the style of the pants. With a model in white or in a very light and discreet tone such as nude or sky blue, they form a perfect tandem to achieve a sophisticated outfit, ideal to wear at the office or at an elegant event.

Red pants + black red pants

Red pants with any blacktop are the mix that never fails, an infallible duo. It is the most repeated combination, the right balance between elegant and casual, and a fantastic option for night outfits. If you want to show your rocker side, choose a black leather jacket, it looks perfect.

Red pants + maroon

With what colors does a red pant combine? In addition to the classic black and white, one of the star combinations is garnet. Two shades from the same range, but a more cheerful and striking one that is less prominent thanks to garnet in its darkest hue, a perfect alternative to black, the result of which is a play of colors from the same range that is just as fantastic.

Red pants+ gray 

Red is the most passionate warm color. One of its best allies is gray since the latter is characterized by its sad and cold appearance. Wearing a gray sweater with red pants, she lifts the outfit and turns it into a perfect street-style almost spring.

Total red lookred pants

Red is not an easy color but it looks great. If you like it excessively, the total red look is the most daring version when choosing red pants. The best thing in these cases is to opt for garments of different fabrics, and knitting is one of your best allies. Fitted sweater with red skinny pants for a more sophisticated outfit or wide red pants and oversize sweater for the more informal or sporty ones are some ideal options to copy.

Red pants + color coat

The coats and outerwear superimposed over red pants are ideal. Without a doubt, it is one of the most sophisticated looks out there. As an alternative to black, which looks perfect with this shade, the camel coat is a very wise choice. Another riskier option is a plaid coat or jacket that contains red.

A perfect red tailor

A red jacket and pants suit is feminine and sophisticated. To break with the mono-color, combine it with a garment of another color: a white or black cotton t-shirt and sneakers if you prefer to wear a more comfortable outfit but no less elegant for that. Let’s not forget the accessories, a red tailor with a bag and shoes in other shades are a sure hit. The goal is to break the uniformity with small details and you are sure to achieve a look 10.

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