How to combine white shoes?

How to combine white shoes?

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Your footwear speaks of you, your good taste, and updating in fashion as much as your clothes. You must know how to combine white shoes, both for men and women. Everything will depend on the model, for example, sneakers are easy to match, but boots or heels are more complicated. In this article we give you some tips, keep reading so you can get the best outfits.

What white shoes should you buy?

Choosing white shoes is not an easy task. These should suit your style and the demands of the tone. Despite this, this 2021 you should buy white shoes. So below, we will give you a list of the ones you should have if you are a fanatic or fan of fashion.


This type of white women’s shoe goes very well in any color. For a time they were associated solely with brides. But the latest fashions have shown that they can be worn with various looks without looking like you’re on your way to the altar. Plus, they stylize you and make you look flawless, which is a huge plus.

You must be careful that the sole and the heel cap are not noticeable or are very large, as these details determine the quality and can make them look in bad taste.


They are the protagonists of this trend. White sneakers provide unmatched practicality and comfort. For this reason, they have positioned themselves as one of the favorite footwear in recent seasons.

With these, you can dress well from Sunday with the family to Friday at the office. Again, take care of the details when buying them and then, you must keep them very white and clean.

They are the only option on the list that is recommended for men as well.

Flip flops

Some flat or low-heeled sandals in this color are the perfect complement for a weekend outfit. While the high ones can be the ideal option to wear with your daily or formal look depending on the model.

Opt for thin straps, as well as almost imperceptible thin soles. The heels can be stilettos or square, but use common sense to know when they are too extravagant for the color.

Ankle boots

If you are a little more daring to wear and wear, you must have white ankle boots. They are the most difficult to combine, but you can achieve outfits that will seem taken from a catwalk.

If you have thick legs, they should not go past the ankle. Now if you are slim-legged, you can experiment with some a little taller, as long as you don’t overdo it. Learn to combine boots and ankle boots and you will look fantastic.

How to combine white women’s shoes?

By wearing white shoes you can look very good or very bad. It all depends on how you combine them, as well as the attitude with which you wear them. Compared to dark ones, these attract more attention, especially in the fall/winter seasons.

Every time we see more women with white shoes, it is important to know how to wear them well on different occasions. So we will teach you how to wear this shoe like a fashion expert.

Total black outfit

This combination will hardly look bad. It’s about wearing only black clothing with your white shoes. So these will stand out.

You can use a bib in this tone with a high-heeled shoe. Or wear pants, a shirt or T-shirt and a black blazer or coat, combined with white tennis shoes. For these outfits, you can have fun with accessories, preferably dark ones.

With different pants

Jeans look perfect with any type of footwear or color and white could not be the exception. Denim pants, along with a light blue or another light blouse, with white sandals, will make you look fresh and stylish.

In addition, you can wear jeans with button-down shirts or a turtleneck and sports shoes or stilettos and you will also look perfect. Another way is to wear white Chelsea boots with jeans and a faux fur coat.

Cargo pants are in fashion, combine them with white boots and you will get a denim-style outfit.

Skirts and dresses

The delicacy of the skirts and dresses makes these shoes look amazing. Take the opportunity to use the ankle boots and make your legs stand out with them.

Combine a skirt, with a unicolor or patterned shirt and white sneakers for women  are an ideal composition, although this outfit goes well with almost any type of shoe. As well as light patterned dresses and flat sandals in this color.

To wear white ankle boots you can do it with the classic short black dress or with a more daring one with a striped or plaid pattern.

Also in the cooler months, you can wear white loafers with a black dress.

Combines with denim

Just as your jeans look amazing with white shoes, so do the rest of your denim pieces. Denim overalls with stilettos or white sneakers will look beautiful, add colorful accessories to give the outfit a special touch.

Also, you can combine your denim skirts with romantic blouses, button-down shirts, or T-shirts. This combination can be worn with any shoe model depending on the occasion. You will look good to go for brunch or to have a snack with your friends.

Another way to get a good outfit with white shoes is to wear a denim overall with chic boots of this color.


Combine subtle prints with your white shoes, or a bit more daring with solid stripes or plaid. The important thing is to keep a  balance between these and the unicolored pieces.

Tonal delicate polka dots in dark colors is a wonderful idea. As well as shirts or blouses combined with black or navy blue pants. Remember that you should feel comfortable and be true to your style when wearing patterned garments. Otherwise, you won’t feel so good in your outfit.

Office suits

Yes, your pantsuits and jacket will look fantastic with white shoes. Be it stilettos, sandals or slippers, even if it’s hard to believe. The main thing is that the suit is of a dark color and combines it with white shirts or matching with the set.

You’ll look gorgeous on a Friday at your workplace in your men’s pants and sneakers. In addition, it is the perfect mix between professional style and the comfort you want; With them, you can avoid foot pain after work.

But, if you have a work meeting, you can dress the same and change these for high heels. You would show confidence, confidence, and good taste.

How to dress in women’s white tennis shoes?

Above we gave you some outfit options with white tennis shoes, but we want to give you some other options. This year sports shoes will continue to be in fashion and you will want to know how to use them.

Learn how to combine white sneakers with this list of options:

  • Wear a white top and black pants.
  • She wears a white T-shirt with light jeans or with a patterned skirt.
  • Wear all-white looks.
  • With silk dresses.
  • Distressed jeans and a sweatshirt look great with white sneakers.
  • A cocktail dress with a leather jacket.
  • Button-down shirt with a denim skirt.

A general piece of advice, for both men and women, is that when wearing white shoes they should be very clean. Always keep them without stains or stripes, so that your outfit looks flawless.

How to combine white men’s shoes?

Women have many options for white shoes, but for men, everything is limited to combining white sneakers. These are a staple in the men’s wardrobe and it is the only footwear of this tone that gentlemen should wear.

When it comes to canvas ones, he prefers to wear them without socks or with invisible ones and with neutral-toned pants; For shirts, use pastel shades or stripes.

The combinations with men’s white shoes are many. In general, white goes well with almost everything. Some classic options are:

  • White t-shirt, gray jeans, and white sneakers. It is simple and looks good. If you add to this a plaid button-down shirt it will look more fashionable.
  • In summer you can wear the same white t-shirt, but with shorts, it is more casual. Although it can improve a bit with a shirt of the same shade.
  • White footwear doesn’t just look good with matching T-shirts. Combine them with a printed shirt, long or short sleeves.
  • A black polo shirt with matching pants, whether they are jeans or casual, will look great.
  • Beige chinos with a unicolor shirt, and if you add a blazer they will give you an ideal outfit for a date. Another option is to wear them with a casual jacket.
  • If you need to look a little more elegant, you will achieve a smart casual look by wearing a T-shirt, dark-hued jeans, and a blazer.
  • The most formal option with white sneakers is to wear them with a navy blue suit. Although many criticize it, it looks very good.

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