ChatGPT: what it is, what it is for and how to use it

ChatGPT: what it is, what it is for and how to use it

ChatGPT is a chat system powered by artificial intelligence. Currently, it is surprising to all users because it is one of the most capable embedded AI systems today. And it is that it has the ability to respond to any need or thing that you ask of it. It can also solve many of the requests that you make, thus being a very useful system.

In fact, ChatGPT has been gaining such popularity that many alternative projects based on artificial intelligence have already started, including the service of chatting on WhatsApp with ChatGPT. Being an AI prepared to hold conversations, you only have to ask it questions in a conventional way so that it understands and answers you. To discover everything about what ChatGPT is, what it is for, and how to use it, we recommend that you continue reading this article.

What are ChatGPT and its origin?

ChatGPT is a chat system that is based on a GPT-3 Artificial Intelligence language model. It is a model developed by the OpenAI company that has more than 175 million parameters and is trained with huge amounts of text to do language-related tasks, that is, from translations to text generation.

In ChatGPT, the AI ​​is ready to have conversations with any user. It has algorithms trained to understand what you ask precisely, including the adjectives and variations that you add in your sentences, as well as to answer you coherently.

One of the most surprising aspects of this artificial intelligence chat is its ability to give you accurate and very complete answers, of several paragraphs if necessary. In these answers, he is able to express himself with exact information and in a natural way, a factor that makes it very difficult to distinguish that it is a text generated by AI.

Like other AI models, it can make some mistakes. It is an aspect to take into account, since it is also imprecise in several topics, especially in names and certain concepts. Still, he can answer your questions and makes sense of the context. ChatGPT recognizes everything you’ve talked about so far, so if you ask it a question related to one of its answers, it will be able to identify that you mean it without further explanation.

What is ChatGPT for?

You can do many things with ChatGPT. The easiest thing is to ask me to explain any concept, event, or thing you want to know or discover : the AI ​​will do it using the data it is trained with. Therefore, it will also help you to write summaries or articles, asking for a maximum number of words or characters to explain technological devices, famous people, or historical events.

You can also ask him to write texts in a certain way. That is, you can ask him for a TikTok or YouTube script to explain these things, with a specific tone, whether informal or serious. You can even do it with accents from certain regions like Andalusian.

ChatGPT is used to make lines of code, product specification sheets, and comparisons. He is also able to write jokes, poems, song lyrics, or elaborate texts as if he were talking to a small child. Thus, it can solve many doubts about any aspect related to language that can be expressed through it.

You can even ask it to do other functions: lists of tools or web pages, asking for advice on which smartphone to buy, general culture topics, translations, explanations, definitions, and whatever you can think of. Ask it things you want to know to discover all its functions.

How to use ChatGPT

To start having conversations with ChatGPT, go to its official website and create your account on the OpenAI website. Registration is free, as is the use of the chat. After logging in, you will have accessed the chat and at the bottom, you will see a bar where you can write whatever you want.

Although at the beginning you will see examples of questions that you can ask him in English, you can ask him to answer you in Spanish or in the language you prefer. When you use it, in aHOWTO we recommend that you experiment with different types of requests in order to explore all the functions that the AI ​​has.

In cases like ChatGPT, the ingenuity to ask questions or requests is key when it comes to obtaining surprising results. Remember that everything you write will be recorded in the chat so that it can be reviewed later by the OpenIA developers to continue training the system.

Taking into account that everything written is reviewed by those in charge of developing the system, try not to include personal data or requests that are potentially criminal or dangerous.

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