Hoop earrings for women: useful tips on how to wear them

Hoop earrings for women: useful tips on how to wear them

The hoop earrings are evergreen accessories: a real must-have in the 80s and 90s, they return periodically rage and not clash in any season. As well as the emerald ring, they are an accessory to show off in 2021.

With small or large, thicker or finer circles, adorned with stones or pearls or worked, they are an elegant completion of your outfit.

How to match hoop earrings according to your face shape

Hoop earrings are best suited to a face shape with fine and delicate features. If your face shape is quite round and your features are very pronounced, it might be a good idea to combine small, possibly smooth, hoop earrings.

If, on the other hand, the face shape is elongated or thin, the large hoop earrings compensate for the lines with their volume. In this case, you can also choose medium hoop earrings with stones or pearls.

How to match hoop earrings to your outfit

If you need to combine them with a refined look, perhaps with a classic evening dress or elegant jumpsuits, you can opt for classic golden medium hoop earrings or hoop earrings embellished with a small pearl or a stone. This type of earrings is also perfect for the office look: classic and professional but also casual.

The ideal combination for a large and thin hoop earring is the one with a crew neck sweater and, in general, with dresses that leave the neck uncovered. A nice effect is obtained with a short hairstyle, with collected hair, or with cuts that enhance the shape of the face.

Thick hoop earrings, especially if steel or silver, make a beautiful effect when combined with a casual and easy outfit.

If you are a lover of leopard, zebra, or any other animalier style accessories, you can show off your patterned earrings with total black clothing or with bright and multicolor colors. Be careful, however, not to overdo it: if the earring is particularly worked, choose more sober clothing.

How to match the hoop earrings to the hairstyle

The chignon is one of the hairstyles that finds an excellent completion with hoop earrings. This simple and elegant hairstyle highlights very large hoops. In fact, the large circles must be clearly visible and must never be covered by the hair.

With short hair, all types of hoop earrings are well suited: large ones, small and thick ones, as well as wide and decorated ones that go perfectly with a classic cut or a shorter and scaled cut that gives volume to the hair.

The short bob, gold hoop earrings, as well as worked ones, go very well, as long as the hair does not cover them.

On the long hair or on extensions, instead, it is better to prefer a small or medium earring, colored or golden but not worked, which can be seen in the loose hair.

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