9 best sniper movies

9 best sniper movies

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Sniper movies are within the action film genre. The most frequent elements in this type of film are those that generate adrenaline. And therefore, the explosions, the shots, the battles, and the weapons stand out. If you like this type of film, in We Are Cinema we bring you the 9 best sniper movies, keep reading!

Top 10 Sniper Movies

1. Enemy at the Gates – Jean-Jacques Annaud (2001)best sniper movies

It is the year 1942, in the middle of World War II. The armies of Germany and Russia are fighting fiercely. However,  a Russian sniper, Vassili Zaitsev, perseveres in his mission: eliminate his enemies one by one. However, he is going to meet a tough rival, König; the best sniper in Germany. The objective of this, however, will be none other than to kill Vassili. Without a doubt, this is one of the best sniper movies.

2. The Sniper – Clint Eastwood (2015)best sniper movies

It is a film by Marine SEAL Chris Kyle, a Texan who broke the record for deaths as a sniper in the US Army. His marksmanship and pinpoint precision saved countless lives on the battlefield, earning him the nickname of Legend. However, the enemy ranks found out about it and put a price on his head. There is no doubt that this is a film with a lot of action in which friendship plays a leading role.

3. Shooter: The Shooter – Antoine Fuqua (2007)best sniper movies

Bob Lee Swagger is a former elite marksman in the United States Army. After the failure of one of his unofficial missions, he decides to leave the Navy. When asked to rejoin, he reluctantly returns to duty but is tricked again. Nonetheless, Swagger plans a personal vendetta while being hunted nationally.

4. Jarhead: Hell Awaits – Sam Mendes (2005)best sniper movies

This film is a chronicle of the Gulf War, showing the waiting of soldiers who have not directly entered the armed conflict and how they deal with boredom. In this way, we can see soldiers terrified of being at war but also excited to kill their first victim. But in addition to attending such events, you will also witness the problems arising from these conflicts.

5. Phone Booth – Larry Cohen (2003)best sniper movies

The plot of this film takes place in the middle of the street and in broad daylight. Stu Shepard is an ambitious New York publicist who when one day he prepares to call Pam, ends up trapped in a phone booth. This is due to the threats of a sniper who, with a rifle, is constantly pointing and testing him.

6. Jackal – Fred Zinnemann (1973)best sniper movies

Jackal is a prestigious hitman whose true identity no one knows. Hired by the OAS, he must carry out a risky mission: assassinate the President of the French Republic. This film is based on the novel of the same name by Frederick Forsyth. In addition, there is another version of it from 1997.

7. Full Metal Jacket- Stanley Kubrick (1987)best sniper movies

A group of recruits prepares on Parris Island, a training center for the US Navy. There is Sergeant Hartman, tough and unforgiving. The mission of this one is to harden the body and the soul of the newbies so that they can defend themselves from the enemy. However, not everyone is ready for its harsh methodology.

8. The hero is on the loose – Peter Bogdanovich (1968)

A Vietnam veteran, who had always been a kind and friendly man, begins to feel a sick fascination with guns. On any given day, he shoots and kills his wife, his mother, and everyone who crosses his path. Because of this the police fight to catch him. It is a film with many sociological reflections.

9. 23 Days of Panic – Tom McLoughlin (2003)

It is 2002, and in less than 24 hours six people were killed by a sniper in Maryland County. The police, in collaboration with the FBI, follow the wrong trail of a white van. Meanwhile, the murderers continue to act with impunity, and the population panics. Find out how the conflict will be resolved.

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