Witch makeup: how to wear witch makeup in minutes

Witch makeup: how to wear witch makeup in minutes

The witch is no longer seen only as an ugly and scary old woman, but also as a charming and bewitching woman. In its countless variations, the witch makeup is perhaps the most loved one. With simple steps, specific colors, and a lot of imagination, it is possible to create a make-up of great effect.

One of the most famous make-up for parties such as Halloween or Carnival and horror-themed evenings is definitely the witch one. Loved by almost everyone, girls and adults, it is one of the most sought-after costumes, also for its easy availability, and allows numerous variations. You can wear make-up like a funny and nice witch or sensual and terrifying: you are spoiled for choice. Let’s see how to make it according to needs.


After moisturizing your face with a good cream and letting it dry, apply the primer to make the makeup last longer.

Then apply the foundation and the powder, which must be quite light. After having uniformed the complexion of the face with a classic base, we move on to mark the features using blush or earth, emphasizing the cheekbones. If you want to get a “Maleficent” style oval, it is important to accentuate the cheeks. Strong contouring can be achieved with a gray or dark brown eyeshadow to blend well. The gray eyeshadow can also be used to make shadows: in this case, with a brush, you can create shades on the sides of the forehead and nose and under the cheekbones (if not already done).


With a black pencil, define the eye line on both the upper and lower eyelids. With the eyeliner brush, you can apply matte black redefining the line already drawn, giving the shape of the cat’s eye. To give depth, blend slightly inwards and upwards.

There is a whole range of colors that you can use for make-up and you can indulge yourself by drawing in or cobwebs

There is a whole range of colors that you can use for make-up and you can indulge yourself by drawing in or cobwebs


We then move on to make up the eye, choosing the colors we prefer also depending on the effect we want to achieve. Typically, however, the palette consists of purple, plum, blue as well as classic black.

The classic witch make-up involves a layer of black eyeshadow spread on the mobile eyelid of the eye, making the shaded stretch outwards (the temple). If you like, you can apply rhinestones in the final area of ​​the makeup, that is on the tail of the eyeliner or eyeshadow, using the eyelash glue: this will give shine without removing the mystery.

The look can be made more intense with a smokey eye in shades of black and make it more charged by creating a shade of burgundy red on the fixed eyelid.

In the more glamorous version, you can play with metallic effects, making them chic with eyeshadows in shades of green. If you want to focus on a more mysterious and nocturnal look, you can choose shades of blue.

To have a more gothic make-up, you can blend with dark shades towards the outside of the eye, but if you want to make it softer and more elegant the traditional make-up procedure is reversed. The color is made more intense inwards and fades as you go outwards.

To be the scariest witch you could make a greenish base and highlight defects, such as dark circles, wrinkles, drooping eyelids by applying a green eyeshadow of a darker shade than the base in the affected areas. With a greenish pencil, you can also draw inaccurate contours smudging it with the fingertips to give the effect of “face furrowed by the signs of age”.

LIPSWitch makeup

The lips are usually blood, so you can use darker colors. On the lips you can apply very dark lipstick, having taken care to draw the outline of the mouth with a burgundy pencil, with which the tips of the lip will be enhanced. Other shades of lipstick could be vermilion, purple, or daring with a dull red or tending to black.


The eyebrows give “expressiveness” to the look so they will also be modified. If you have thin and sparse eyelashes, they can be thickened and redrawn using the appropriate pencil. You can try to give it the much-loved trend called “gull-wing”.

To complete the makeup, you can wear a fake hooked nose or create very long and dark nails. draw on the face of the cobwebs. Hair should always tend towards dark or somber colors such as jet black, purple or midnight blue. We end up wearing a nice long black dress, a hat and a cape.

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